The Power of a Mother’s Intuition

How a mom’s gut feeling helped her young son take his first steps.

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The Power of a Mother’s Intuition

Today’s guest blogger is writer and Guideposts contributor Isabella Yosuico.

I worked with Isabella on her story for the July 2015 issue of Guideposts magazine. One day, we got to talking about the power of intuition. (You might remember the story of my mom’s live-saving gut instinct from Mysterious Ways magazine!) As it turned out, Isabella had her own remarkable tale. In fact, her mother’s intuition kicked in on the very day her son Pierce was born. Here’s her story…

I was pregnant with my first son, Pierce, and he was a week overdue, so my OB wanted to check on my progress.

“Go on home and grab your suitcase–you’re having a baby this afternoon,” she said. “He’s frank breech, and you’ll have to have a C-section to be safe.”

Sure enough, hours later, a nurse laid a newly bundled Pierce on my chest in the delivery room. Pure joy! While I was resting in the recovery room, I got the news that Pierce was attracting amused attention in the viewing nursery. Apparently his breech position caused his legs to spring up around his ears like a storm door, rather than lying flat–a common side effect of his position in utero. The nurse assured me his legs would go back to normal quickly.

Later that day, the visiting pediatrician stopped by. I asked him about Pierce’s peculiar leg position. After briefly examining Pierce and manipulating his hips, the doctor pronounced Pierce fit as a fiddle.

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“Frank breech isn’t an issue for most babies,” he explained. His tone was patient, soothing.

I should’ve been relieved at his words. Instead, I couldn’t stop thinking about Pierce’s legs. What if his hips were dislocated from the breech? The thought nagged at me all night. I wasn’t just concerned. I was obsessed! I’d never experienced anything like it before. What was going on? Was it just hormones? New mom nerves?

Please, God, I prayed. You gotta help me here!

Pierce's first steps.The next day, the doctor stopped by my room again. This time I was resolute. “I’d like Pierce to get an x-ray to double check his hips,” I said.

The doctor dismissed my concerns, reassured me that it was extremely unlikely Pierce’s hips were dislocated. I knew he was probably right. There was nothing visibly wrong with Pierce. And yet…

“Please,” I said, holding my ground. “Just double check.”

The doctor shook his head, but eventually gave in and ordered the x-ray. The next day I got the news – Pierce’s hips were indeed dislocated. An issue that probably wouldn’t have been discovered until he attempted to crawl or walk and found that he couldn’t. My husband and I took Pierce to a top pediatric orthopedist, who prescribed a custom brace that Pierce wore nearly 24/7 for three months.

At 10 months, Pierce finally took his first steps, surprisingly steady–thanks to a mom’s intuition and an answered prayer.

Have you ever experienced mother’s intuition or a strange gut feeling? Share your story below!

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