How to Comfort Others in Their Grief

Never underestimate what your prayers and love can do for someone who has lost a loved one.

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Comforting others in their grief

The loss of a loved one is difficult to endure. Over time, we adapt to life without the person we lost and miss dearly. Recently, my wife and I attended the funeral for our friend’s 34-year-old son, a young man with a promising future whose life ended too soon. Having two children in their 30’s of my own, this young man’s death especially hit home. At the wake, I watched his parents hold onto each other for support, surrounded by family and friends. Everyone handles grief differently, but one thing we have in common is our need for love and prayers.

A few days later, I received a letter from a friend, a former member of a church where I served. My friend shared that a few weeks after her husband’s birthday, he had a massive cerebral hemorrhage and passed away. My dear friend wrote, “I am in a mental fog. Marty and I were married for 53 years and dated for three years before that. It’s hard to understand how that great love affair could have ended in three weeks. I am not angry at God as some people suggested. I am THANKFUL to Him for those wonderful years.” She requested prayer and the peace of Christ for her and her family. After much prayer, I wrote her a letter and sent her some Guideposts publications that could bring words of comfort.

In times of grief, we need God and others to walk with us through the valley of darkness. No one makes it alone. Our family, church members, community, co-workers, friends and bereavement groups can help us cope with the death of a loved one. Without God and encouragement from others, a loss is even more difficult and painful to endure. Never underestimate what our prayers and love can do for those grieving. How have others helped you in your time of grief? Please share with us.

Lord, comfort those who are grieving, and teach us to love, comfort and care for them. 

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