Prayers for Loved Ones

Keep watch as you pray.

4 Reasons to ‘Keep Watch’ as You Pray for Others

Why did Jesus ask his friends to pray with Him? And what does that teach us? 

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Using ribbons as prayer reminders

Ribbons as Reminders to Pray for Others

Backyard bushes that are filled with ribbons. And every ribbon is a prayer.

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Judging others hurts them and you.

Judge Not—Love More

None of us are in a position to cast stones; we are all in need of grace.

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Join the Guideposts prayer challenge to end world hunger.

Combining Prayer and Action to Help Others

How prayer can lead to compassion and action to end world hunger

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How your prayers can make a difference.

Give the Gift of Prayer

Does offering to pray for someone make a difference? More than you know.

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A mother prays for a miracle for her daughter.

Lord, It’s Time for a Miracle

A mother’s plea for her daughter to be guided to love, comfort and mercy

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Ever forget to pray for someone?

Ever Forget to Pray for Someone?

3 tips to help you remember to pray for others.

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12 powerful blessings from the Bible

How to Powerfully Bless Someone

12 biblical benedictions you can pray for others on all occasions

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Hands clasped in prayer (Thinkstock)

Pray The Lord’s Prayer for Someone

It is a potent way to intercede for someone else, even if you don’t know much about them.

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Young girls who are friends.

A Friendship for a Season

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” 

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A circle of friends gather in prayer.

Prayers for a Beloved Pooch

She prayed for the dog that had run out in front of her car. Would her prayers be heard?

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Rick and his New York neighbor, Pamela

Praying for a Neighbor in Need

Rick Hamlin reminds us that when we pray for a stranger, they become a friend.

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Calling All Prayer Angels

An earth angel to others finds herself on the receiving end of the healing power of prayer.

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golden retriever in the woods

A Prayer for Rufus

A prayer volunteer desperately asks God for help finding her lost dog.

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