A Family’s Battle with Addiction

How one woman never lost faith despite her husband and children’s descent into drugs and alcohol

Posted in , Aug 28, 2018

Family praying

Addiction can affect anyone, even those who come from loving, faith-filled families. My mother-in-law, Nereida, raised her nine children with love and took them to church every Sunday. Yet, four of her children became involved with drugs. In addition, her husband—a Korean War veteran and hard working man—battled alcoholism.

When her oldest son was in his early teens, Nereida worried that he was using drugs due to his erratic behavior. But she wasn’t sure. So she turned to God for guidance and clarity. One afternoon while praying for an answer, she sensed God was directing her to search a specific spot in the apartment. When she did, she found drug paraphernalia, confirming her worst fears. It was the beginning of a long journey as others in her family soon followed in her eldest son’s footsteps.


Though times were hard, she never lost faith or stopped loving, praying and caring for each member of her family. Her church family continued to give her strength and hope, even when she lost her husband and three of her children to addiction-related causes.

Eventually one of her children broke free from drugs and alcohol. He is now an active member and leader at a large mega church, and a witness that God answers prayers. Today, at 85 years old, Nereida is grateful to God for helping her through those difficult days and for her loving, drug-free family. When talking to other families dealing with addiction, she encourages them, “Never give up. Keep your faith in God. Find support.

Lord, strengthen those who battle addiction and their loved ones. May they find support from friends, professionals and their community. 

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