7 Tools for Living with Chronic Pain

An example of how faith and prayer helps one woman get through her days.

Posted in , Aug 15, 2018

Dealing with pain

Many people live day-to-day with severe pain. My friend Priscilla, who has had fibromyalgia for more than 10 years, is one of them. To make matters worse, three years ago, she suffered from a blood clot in her brain which worsened her condition. Now, she experiences extreme amounts of pain daily throughout her whole body. She is unable to work, fly, drive, stand or sit for long periods of time.

When discussing this issue with her, Priscilla shared that living with chronic pain is physically and emotionally draining. At times, she asks the Lord, “Why me?” But then she is instantly reminded that no person, including herself, is exempt from pain and suffering.   

Although she suffers from constant pain, you wouldn’t know it as her faith and love for family keep her going on even the most difficult days. Pain doesn’t take away her love for life or the small victories that each day brings. She says, “God sees my tears and hears my cry.” Here are eight things that Priscilla does each and every day so that pain doesn’t get the best of her:

1)  Each morning when Priscilla wakes up, she thanks God for the gift of another day.

2)  Before she even gets out of bed, she reaches for her cell phone to read a daily devotion. She also shares the devotion with others in need.

3)  When forcing herself out of bed, Priscilla recites the Scripture, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

4)  She prays with her husband before he goes to work.

5)  Priscilla often sings through her pain and listens to an elevation worship radio station.

6)  Throughout the day, she thinks about the blessings in her life rather than pain, focusing on Bible verses to get through especially difficult moments.

7)  She reaches out to others, making phone calls to those who need encouragement.

Using these tools, Priscilla lives her life and pushes through the pain. Yes, she has bad days now and then, but Priscilla knows that God is with her at all times and will never leave her side. She is also strengthened from the boundless support of her loving family and friends. I have learned a lot from Priscilla over the years and hope you, too, have learned from her through this blog.

Lord, listen to the prayers of those living with chronic pain; give them strength and comfort. 

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