A Prayer for Anxiety

Here's a poem as a prayer for letting God know how you really feel in stressful times.

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A prayer for anxiety

Haven’t we all had those moments when anxiety gets the worst of us and it’s hard to trust God?

Merissa Kelley, a woman who has a gift for poetry, often sends me poems that are prayers. This one was for a friend of hers who is going through a really tough time. 

Her advice, contained in the prayer/poem: Be honest with God. Don’t mince words. Express your anger. You can’t really hide how you feel from God anyway.

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Sometimes praying a poem is a way to open up in ways that our own words can’t express. Thanks, Merissa, for your gift. Here is her poem:

Sustaining Grace

Jesus, I don't understand this unexpected curve 
This came out of nowhere, without a chance to swerve
The anguish and uncertainty is more than I can bear 
And this "happy face" I hide behind...is getting hard to wear 
I can't feel You in this pain...it's raw and so intense 
I can barely trust right now, when nothing's making sense 
I don't want to walk this road...for what is there to gain?
I can't even comprehend the purpose in this pain 
Questions "Why?" invade my soul; I've tried to tune them out 
But they just seem to come in waves of overwhelming doubt 
So I'll be honest...might as well...since You already know 
That I am anxious and need Your guidance to show me where to go 
Help me dig down very deep and remind me everyday 
That You remain upon Your throne and have the final say 
And while I may not understand this season that I face 
The pain will one day be eclipsed by Your sustaining grace 
So please increase my faith, O Lord...help me hold onto Your hand 
Then I can wait with calm assurance on Your purpose and Your plan...

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