How to Fight Fear and Stay Positive During Trying Times

Scripture, prayer and words of widsom are useful tools to keep anxiety and panic at bay.

Posted in , Apr 6, 2020

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The spread of coronavirus has shut down public life, led to the loss of millions of jobs and enforced social distancing measures that have left many feeling afraid and anxious.

There's never been a better time to use Scripture, prayer and positivity to fight fear and choose faith. To help you find peace in the midst of this panic, we rounded up our best articles on fighting fear:

Faith Cancels Out Fear

Struggling to choose faith over fear? Check out these four tips from Guideposts founder and the father of positive thinking, Norman Vincent Peale.

10 Ways to Pray Away Fear

"No matter how often we hear it, there are still occasions when our hearts quail and quake with fear," writes Guideposts blogger Bob Hostetler. "There is no better time to turn to prayer than these moments. Simply breathing—or even thinking—one of the following Bible prayers can calm and strengthen our hearts and minds, and turn us from fear to faith."

Overcoming Fear

Want to overcome your fear? Try the tips in this video from Guideposts Vice President of Ministries Ty'Ann Brown.

A Scripture to Conquer Your Fears

A Guideposts devotion writer shares how the story of Peter walking on water toward Jesus helped her to let go of her fears.

4 Bible Verses to Fight Fears

Check out the four promises from God that bring this Guideposts writer peace.

A Devotion and Prayer to Release Your Fears

Learn how John 5:8 can provide inspiration to turn away from fear and focus on God instead.

7 Inspiring Quotes to Overcome Fear

From Nelson Mandela to Martin Luther King Jr., these quotes on fear will help you face your own.

How to Pray in Times of Panic

Turn to this advice to keep yourself grounded when the news is causing you to panic.

3 One-Word Prayers for Emergencies

Use these quick prayers to guide you through stressful situations.

7 Ways to Pray When You’re Scared

Feeling afraid? Turn to these prayers to fight your fear.

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