Defusing Anger with an Unexpected Prayer

Finding a silent prayer to cast silence over your anger and keep you from exploding.

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Daily Devotionals blogger Julia Attaway

I could feel the thought taking shape in my head, and it wasn’t a kind one. I knew I needed to bite my tongue. I began an inner pep talk to boost my self-control.

It wasn’t working.

I sent up a plea for help. Lord, give me patience!

It wasn’t working.

I tried another prayer. Holy Spirit, give me words to speak with kindness!

It wasn’t working.

In a last-ditch effort to keep myself from exploding, I shifted focus. Father, I love You.

The silent prayer hung in the air, casting silence over my anger. My heart slipped into a more peaceful state. I love you, Lord. Let me serve You. Let me serve You.

Funny how focusing on God works better than focusing on feelings.

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