Giving God a Break

Lightening up the prayer requests on Shabbat

Posted in , Mar 30, 2016

Giving God a rest from prayer requests on Shabbat.

The other day my good friend Liz was telling me about the Amidah, the "standing prayers" that observant Jewish people say three times each day, with an extra recitation on Shabbat.

The 19 prayers are broken out into three sections: praise, requests and thanksgivings.

"On Shabbat the prayers are a bit different," Liz explained, "Since we take out the requests.”

I looked at her quizzically. "Why?" I asked.

Liz grinned mischievously. "Don't you think once a week even God needs a break from gimme-gimme? No matter how nicely it's worded?"

I hadn't thought of that, and instantly agreed. Using the first words of the daily prayers, I made up my own: Blessed are You, Lord God of the universe, for continually teaching me new ways to honor You!



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