How to Give Each Day a Spiritual Start

Ways to cut through the demands of hectic mornings so you can focus on God first.

Posted in , Aug 16, 2017

Start each morning with God

How do you begin your day? There are so many priorities tugging at us each morning. So my wife and I listen to Christian music while we get ready. The ambiance created by the beautiful lyrics and harmony helps us to focus our thoughts on God and allows us to start each morning off right.

As Pastor Buddy Owens said, “When you fix your thoughts on God, God fixes your thoughts.” The music lifts my spirit and inspires me to think about God and His grace, blessings, love, power and presence.

Each of us must find what gets us going for the day, spiritually and mentally. There are many options: prayer, listening to music, worship, reading Scriptures or a devotional, watching a spiritual program, walking, meditating and much more.

Morning Inspiration

But if we aren’t intentional about how we start our day, things both big and small will distract us from the One who keeps us centered…God. Keep in mind that there are going to be days we miss our spiritual practice. Don’t feel guilty. The idea is not to create another burden or task.

The goal is to start the day with God in mind. A daily practice will not make us immune to the bad or difficult days, but will empower us to face whatever comes our way with faith. How do you start your day? Please share with us.  

Lord, let me begin my day with You. 

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