Middle of the Night Prayers

A bedside prayer list includes those who are struggling, both victims and assailants.

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Middle of the night prayers

My middle-of-the-night prayer list resides on my phone, where I can see it in the dark. Halfway down is the name of a wonderful teen I know, a girl who was brutally sexually assaulted last year. I pray for her a lot. Each time I do, my heart aches–for her suffering, her confusion and her emotional healing. The crime has derailed my young friend in many ways.

My nighttime prayer list consists of people I don’t often see and thus don’t often remember to pray for during the day. It’s the list I use when I awaken at 2 a.m. because a lot of the people on it are struggling and might also be awake at that time.

Frankly, because the list is rather long–18 people–I am reluctant to add more.

But the other night, after praying for a long time for the teenager on my heart, I added a line beneath her name: for the man who assaulted her. Surely, he too is in need of prayer.

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