Praise God's Goodness

Discover the importance of praising God, even when your heart is discouraged.

Posted in , Feb 24, 2014

Author Stormie Omartian

In tough times we can doubt that God is really good. We may know it in our heads, but we forget it in our hearts.

That’s because, just like His beauty, His goodness is greater than we can imagine.  Our minds cannot even comprehend the breadth and the depth of it. That’s why, when we go through bad times, we have to remind ourselves of God’s goodness.

Otherwise we too easily forget. The way we keep ourselves reminded of God’s goodness is to read His Word, worship Him as our wonderful Lord, and praise Him for His goodness.

It will help us remember that no matter what happens, He is a God of mercy and grace. “For You, Lord,are good, and ready to forgive, and abundant in mercy to all those who call upon You” (Psalm 86:5).

You may be thinking, Everybody knows God is good. You’re not telling me anything I haven’t heard before. But the truth is,many of us know in our heads that God is good, but we don’t know it completely in our hearts when bad things happen. That’s when belief in the goodness of God really gets tested.

If you ever doubt that God is good, then you don’t really believe it. In other words, if you really believe that God is good, then you will never doubt it,no matter what is happening.

One of the ways we can learn to completely trust that God is a good God is to praise Him for His goodness. Every time we do, it opens up the channels through which that particular aspect of His nature is poured into our heart.

The more you praise God for His goodness, the more you will see it manifested in your life. That’s the hidden power of praise. You will be amazed when you pray this way how God will open your eyes to see things you haven’t seen before.

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