Pray About the Little Things

Don't miss everyday opportunities for sweet communion with God.

Posted in , Apr 23, 2013

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Many people don’t pray about the little things because they feel they’re not worth their time. They reserve prayer for those high and mighty occasions when they’ve exhausted every possible human solution and prayer is all that’s left to them. The truth is that they really don’t want to invest prayer energy in things of seemingly little significance. And they’re missing spiritual blessings as a result.

When something breaks your heart—large or small—it isn’t going to escape God’s attention. If you believe that God is able to work out all things, even small ones, for his good purpose and his glory, then of course you should pray about even the tiniest of matters. Your request for God’s work in your financial investments, in the food you’re about to eat, and in your study habits may be just the thing he can use to build his kingdom in your life.

Prayer has unbelievable benefits to you, even when you're just praying about a lost set of car keys. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of incorporating prayer into even the smallest details of your life. Praying for the little things teaches you to depend on God. When you're praying, you're acknowledging your dependence on God. You're deliberately unplugging from your earthly and human sources of strength and choosing rather to plug in to God’s holy and infinite source.

When you choose to seek God’s leadership, direction, and provision for something as seemingly insignificant as a parking place, the right wording of a letter, or what clothes to wear to the office, you’re acknowledging that you want and need God’s direction in every aspect of your day. You’re inviting Jesus to rule and reign as Lord over every last detail of your life. That’s prayer that teaches you how to depend on him in everything.

If you limit your prayers to just the big, dramatic things in your life, you miss hundreds of opportunities every day for sweet communion with God.

This article is excerpted from Pray Big.

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