Time and Patience

Faith and prayer don't always come easily.

Posted in , Jun 4, 2010

Basket of Mushrooms

“Come and see what God has done.”—Psalm 66:5

When warm, sunny days follow a spring rain in our region, wild morels leap up in fencerows, ditches and woods. These little brown or gray mushrooms are delectable; people search through meadows and woodlands for them. 

I remember the first time a friend took me to look for them. His sack grew plump. Mine drooped, almost empty. I fumed about why he had seen so many that I could not see.

“I've been hunting these little bits sixty years,” my friend comforted me, understanding my puzzlement. “You spot them easy when you been lookin' that long.”

Isn't the walk of faith a little like that? When you first begin to pray, you feel as if you are just groping. When you first begin to read the Bible, many of its truths elude you. A true faith takes time and patience and persistence. But then one day you reach out—and God is there.

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