Worship Without Walls

On an icy Sunday with treacherous roads, a reverent stillness is found at home.

Posted in , Jan 22, 2015

Empty church pews. Photo by Michael Warwick, Shutterstock.

Realistically, there will be Sundays, in which we will not be able to join others in worship. Such was the case last week for me and my wife. 

Like any other Sunday, we got dressed and headed out to the car, only to discover the pavement was a sheet of ice. The roads were not safe for travel. As much as we wanted to, we were not going to be able to attend church service.

I am a strong supporter of worshipping with others on Sunday morning; however, things happen. Fortunately for our generation, we have technology and spiritual resources that were not available to prior generations.

The Internet, social media and cable TV are at our finger tips. Facebook and Twitter can inspire us with Scriptures, quotes or videos. Is the “church” experience different? Yes, but the music, worship and message help us to connect with a community of faith and moves us to focus on the spiritual.

Or we can be still.

The ice on the road may have prevented us from attending church, but it didn’t stop us from entering into God’s presence.

In the quiet of our home, we set out to be still and seek His touch. Downstairs in my office, after reading a daily devotion and praying, I opened the blinds on the sliding glass doors. The natural surroundings drew me in.

The naked branches glistened with sparkling icicles. The grass was soaked. The air was thick with silence. Then out of nowhere a small bird appeared on the concrete patio. In the stillness of the moment, far from the church building, I felt God with me. As some traditions say, I was having church. The psalmist tells us “Be still, and know that I am God.”

How do you have church when you are unable to attend? Share your thoughts with us.

Prayer: Lord, no matter where I am at on Sunday or any other day, let me be still and worship You with all my heart, mind and soul.

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