One-Word Prayers to Help You Through Any Situation

When it comes to prayer, one word can be a powerful way to cope with whatever life throws your way.

Posted in , May 26, 2020

One-word prayers for any situation

An effective prayer does not have to be a lot of words. Sometimes just one will do. When you find yourself at a crossroads, under pressure, unsure of what to do next or just in need of a boost of inspiration and strength, choose from among these prayers to help you find your way.

4 One-Word Prayers When You Need a Clear Answer
It’s amazing how one simple word in an open-ended prayer will result in clear, multiple answers from God.

A One-Word Prayer for Strength in Difficult Times
It’s a name that Charles Dickens borrowed, but it goes back much further with beginnings in the Bible. Here’s a word you can pray over and over when life feels like a slog.

4 One-Word Prayers for Finding Calm
Feeling anxious or stressed? When you crave a few moments of peace and steadiness, these prayers can help you get there.

3 One-Word Prayers for Emergencies
When life comes at you so fast that you barely have time to sort through your emotions, much less breathe, one of these words can steady you through an adrenaline rush.

4 One-Word Prayers of Hope in a Season of Change
Seasons don’t just apply to the weather. Transitions take place in our lives all the time. Some are welcome. Some are unsettling. Here’s how to pray for a steady course through transition.

7 More One-Word Prayers
Sometimes the most effective prayer is the simplest prayer. When you need to clear your head and focus on just one word, try these for inspiration.

4 One-Word Prayers for Advent
Even though these prayers are geared to those chaotic weeks before Christmas, they can connect you to a place of calm during any overly-busy time in your life.

One-Word Exclamations of Praise
Praise is not just reserved for Sundays. We can praise God throughout an ordinary weekday with some of these suggestions.

One Simple Word That Can Change Your Day
How does your day begin? Along with washing your face and brushing your teeth, here are one-word prayers to point the rest of your day in the right direction.

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