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Blessings for your family's table, from around the world.

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Dinner table prayers from around the world

Healthy Cook Rebecca Katz is a big proponent of saying grace before a meal. She says in addition to connecting with your faith, it actually helps you digest food in a heathy way. Both body and soul are nourished.

Graces are said all over the world. Here are a few you might want to take to your family table.

Praise God who giveth meat,
Convenient unto all who eat.
Praise for tea and buttered toast,
Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
—Scottish Grace

May the abundance of this table
Never fail and never be less,
Thanks to the blessings of God,
Who has satisfied our needs.
To Him be the glory forever.
Armenian Grace, Lebanon

Now that I am about to eat, O Great Spirit,
Give my thanks to the beast and birds
Whom you have provided for my hunger;
And pray deliver my sorrow
That living things must make a sacrifice for my comfort and well-being.
Let the feather of corn spring up in its time
And let it not wither but make full grains
For the fires of our cooking pots,
Now that I am about to eat.
—Native American Grace

Aloha to God above,
Aloha, a word that means
I love you.
Mahalo too, means
I thank you.
Mahalo, aloha to God.
—Hawaiian Grace

God is great; God is good.
Let us thank Him for our food.
We're gonna thank the Lord in broad daylight.
We're gonna thank Him in the moon at night.
We're gonna thank our Lord for He is good!
Girl Scout Campfire Grace

Salutations! O Merciful God who provides
food for the body and soul, you have kindly
granted what is spread before us. We thank
you. Bless the loveing hands that prepared
this meal and us who are to enjoy it, please.
Homage, homage, homage to thee!
Tamil Prayer, Manikka Vasahar (8th Century) Southern India

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These graces have been reprinted with permission from Saying Grace: Blessings for the Family Table, edited by Sarah McElwain ©2003 by Chronicle Books.

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