6 Simple Prayers to Increase Summer Fun

It’s a season that brings special situations—from an urge to skip church to bathing suit self-criticism. Here’s how to pray through it.

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6 prayers for summer fun

Summer is a special season, and it calls for special prayers. Whether yearning for a vacation, wishing for better hiking weather or worrying about wearing a bathing suit, here are six prayerful ways to deal with your summer-time emotions:

1)  Find a Pocket of Rest
“Hey God, I thought summer was vacation time. How come I don’t feel at peace? I’m busier than ever! Rest, I know is the answer. Help me find rest in those in-between moments. Like when I’m stopped at a stoplight or stuck in traffic or put on hold on the phone. I’ll use those times to look for You.”

2)  Settle for Imperfect
“Don’t let it rain on the one day we’re all going for a hike. We want PERFECT weather. We want the sun to shine when we go to the beach and no squalls for that picnic we planned. PERFECT weather all summer. Okay, maybe that’s not possible. If it’s not perfect, we promise to savor it anyway. Sometimes a sudden squall at the beach can be fun. Right?”

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3)  Learn to Forget
“Please, please, please, God, let the family all get along. We do these family reunions so infrequently. Why, when I see my long-lost cousin or sibling or great-aunt, do I suddenly remember that terrible thing they said all those years ago? Help me forget it. It doesn’t have to bug me anymore. This summer, I’m moving on.”

4)  Withhold Bathing Suit Judgment
"I want to swim in the lake. I want to lounge in the sun without worrying about what others are saying. Here’s what I promise. I’m not going to making any judgmental thoughts about how THEY look. Got that? All judgments gone. For the summer.”

5)  Surprise Yourself at Church
“Jesus, I’m sure You will understand if I sleep in on Sunday morning. Isn’t it okay to skip church in the summer? There are not as many people. No one will notice. They’ll think I’m away. Well…maybe I’ll drop in a couple of times this summer. Just for fun. Just to surprise people. Or maybe to surprise myself.”

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6)  Don’t Count the Days
“I promise not to count the days. Or weeks. Or months. Every day this summer will feel like a special day. Because every day is special. They all have opportunities in them. You, God, will help me see the opportunities. Even if it’s just to pick some fresh berries off a bush or savor an ice cream cone or call that friend I haven’t seen for months. Summer fun.”

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