7 Back-to-School Prayers for Kids

When you're stocking up on school supplies, use these prayers for children going to school

Posted in , Sep 1, 2016

Smiling children raise their hands in a classroom

A new school year is underway, filled with new opportunities, excitement and challenges. There is so much that happens throughout the school year, that without prayer, it’s impossible to get from one day to another. On many occasions I recall my parents saying a prayer before we left the house for school. Once we became parents, my wife Elba and I prayed daily for our children’s well being. Although they are now grown adults, we continue to pray for them.

“Pray without ceasing,” the apostle Paul said. In prayer, we draw ourselves and loved ones closer to God. As our children, youth and young adults return back to school,  we pray:

  • Prayer of thanksgiving — “Lord, thank you for the energy and joy of our children.”
  • Prayer for protection — “Lord, keep a watchful eye on them and keep them safe.”
  • Prayer for guidance — “Lord, guide them to make wise decisions and follow sound advice.”
  • Prayer for peace — “Lord, keep our children calm in the midst of a noisy world.”
  • Prayer for wisdom — “Lord, give me the wisdom to raise them with love and integrity.”
  • Prayer for purpose — “Lord, let your will and purpose be fulfilled in their lives.”
  • Prayer for learning — “Lord, may they have an open mind and spirit to grow in knowledge.”

As adults, it’s our responsibility to keep our kids in prayer as they begin to navigate throughout this school year. Let’s also pray for their teachers, assistants and administrators who will help guide them upon this path.

Lord, we pray as kids return back to school that they will grow in knowledge, expand their curiosity, for their safety and for all who serve them. 

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