How to Give the Gift of Prayer

Join us on Tuesday, December 10, for a special Day of Prayer. 

Posted in , Dec 6, 2019

Hands in prayer in the pews of a church.

During the holiday season, many of us are in the same boat of searching everywhere for the perfect gift for the various people in our lives. We’re scanning sales, hitting the malls, and trying to come up with that certain something that will wow the recipient. But maybe there is a simpler solution. 

“In this busy season, we spend a lot of time thinking about loved ones and friends,” says the Rev. Dr. Pablo R. Diaz, Vice President of Ministries for Guideposts Outreach Division. “We try to figure out what their needs are, what size they wear and what foods they like. It really is a wonderful process, as it allows you to think deeply about someone and to try to give something that is meaningful to them. But often we miss a great opportunity.” 

So what does Diaz see as the ultimate present? 

“[The gift of prayer] is the greatest gift, because you come to the Sovereign God with much love and compassion for those you care about and you intercede for them,” Diaz said. “You ask God for blessings for their peace, for their well-being, for their health. You ask God to even look at things that we may not even know they need.”

Diaz says if you are sending out Christmas cards or giving a traditional present, include a little note. “’You’ve been in my prayers and when this gift is no longer in use, or broken, or of no value, you will continue to remain on my prayer list,’”Diaz said. “That right there is the greatest gift you can give this holiday season.”

God freely gave his only son so that we could better understand what it means to give selflessly. Take this opportunity to make a difference and pray for someone else. 

Join us on Tuesday, December 10—the Gift of Prayer Day—when our caring community will come together and joyfully raise your concerns in prayer.

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