Ten Prayers for Summer

No mosquitoes, no poison ivy, no airport delays, no deer ticks...what will you pray for this summer?

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As the weather heats up, remember to give thanks for all the good times (and good weather) God grants us.

  1. God, make it warm enough so my tomatoes will grow but not so hot that I can’t sleep with the window open.
  2. I will not hyperventilate at the prospect of a summer spot where there are no bars on my phone.
  3. Lord, I know you “send rain on the just and unjust,” but please not for the whole week I’m off.
  4. May the hammock be soft and the book absorbing.
  5. Please don’t let anybody take seriously the out-of-office email that says, “Feel free to call me anytime.”
  6. Nobody really cares what I look like in my bathing suit…right, God?
  7. Make me tolerant of others on the road and use quotable language behind the wheel of the car.
  8. No mosquitoes, no poison ivy, no airport delays, no deer ticks.
  9. Nows the time to remember when I said, “If I just had the time…”
  10. A sudden thundershower, fresh peaches, a mouthful of watermelon seeds, crushed mint, a Frisbee on the beach: For these I give you thanks, O God.


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