Praying Through the Seasons

Whether in a season of struggle, joy, grief or pain, prayer is what keeps us going.

Posted in , Oct 22, 2015

Prayer is what gets us through all the seasons of life. It keeps us connected to God.

Red, orange, yellow and green–the colors of fall are breathtaking. Once again, the divine artist is at work, showcasing the wonders and beauty of nature. Summer is over; autumn is in full swing.

In life, we experience the changing of nature's seasons and the ever-changing seasons of our lives. At this time, my dear friends, Betsy and Linda, find themselves in a season of their own as they grieve the loss of their sister Millie to cancer. My son’s friends, Marcin and Stephanie, were recently married and are now celebrating this joyful time. My son Paul is turning 30, and my mother is struggling with health issues. Everyone finds themselves in a season of life. Some seasons bring loss while others fill us with joy.

How do we get through these ever-changing seasons? The answer is simple–prayer! This is what keeps me connected to God at all times. Whether I am in a season of struggle, joy, grief or pain, prayer is what keeps me going.

As I celebrate my son’s birthday, I remember how prayer helped my family get through a tough season of his life. Almost five years ago, Paul was involved in a serious car accident. Not only did prayer give my family strength, it also gave Paul the gift of recovery.

President Abraham Lincoln, who faced many troubling seasons, once said, “I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go. My own wisdom and that of all about me seemed insufficient for that day.”

It doesn’t matter in what position we pray–on our knees, walking or sitting. What is important is that we turn to God for guidance. At times, I may be short of words, but God knows my heart; he knows my fears and my joys. Prayer is our lifeline.

Are you experiencing a difficult or joyful season? If so, please share.

Lord, teach us to keep prayer in our lives throughout the changing of the seasons. Help us to understand your power, great presence and love.

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