Chef Jose Andres

Ukraine Opens Up Opportunity for Prayer and Compassion

As Chef José Andrés feeds thousands on the border, we too can offer relief to the suffering.

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A man prays over his Bible

Prayer Power: 3 Prayers That Always Work

These one-word prayers can open the lines of communication between you and God.

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Pray a word for Lent

7 One-Word Prayers for Lent

Here are some suggestions for ways to walk the road with Jesus for the next 40 days.

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Comforting someone

The Power God Gives Us to Comfort Others

When you encounter someone whose heart is broken, here’s what your faith calls you to do.

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Couple praying

Does Your Prayer Life Need Some Spark? 3 Ways to Refresh It

As we are called to persistent prayer, here’s how to do it creatively.

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Praying with eyes closed

The Most Powerful Prayers in Just One Syllable

Start with these examples and you’re sure to discover more of your own.

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Arms reached out in prayer

Claim God’s Promises with ‘You Said’ Prayers

A bold and more confident way to pray.

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Happy Ash Wednesday

Why We Can Say, ‘Happy Ash Wednesday’

Lent carries the reminder of our shared humanity and the promise of a new life.

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Rick Hamlin

How to Give Yourself Some Precious Time to Hear God

It’s a noisy world out there. How to listen to God with all the racket.

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Actor Clint Walker

Guideposts Classics: Clint Walker on Praying for Help

In this story from November 1971, the star of the popular western TV series Cheyenne tells how his life was changed by the accident that almost killed him.

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Woman looking out at breathtaking landscape

How Philippians 4:8 Can Empower Your Prayers

The words in this Bible verse can help you navigate every situation.

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Birds flying across the sun

What Do You See When You Pray?

One painter depicts his inner imagery when praying Psalm 90.

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Listening to God

What Tone of Voice Do You Hear from God?

It pays to listen carefully because it’s easy to misconstrue.

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Baby gecko

What Prayer Can Do: Lizard Love

How would she ever find the tiny gecko that was loose in her home?

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