Praying for Money Worries

When I pray for others, my own worries seem to disappear and I feel connected to the world and closer to God.

by - Posted on Nov 8, 2011

Prayer blogger Sabra Ciancanelli and her son Henry

This post was written by guest blogger Sabra Ciancanelli, editor of OurPrayer.

It's not even Thanksgiving and already the Christmas catalogs have started to fill my mailbox. My youngest son, Henry, eagerly sits down with a stack of them. His eyes fill with possibility as he scans the pages with a marker in his hand. "I need this!" he says, circling a toy. "I need this!"

I've tried to explain the difference to him between want and need, but it's a pretty hard concept for a five-year-old. As I try to convince him he doesn’t need another fire truck, I worry a little about how we'll stretch our dollars to fill the spot under the Christmas tree.

I'm blessed to work for OurPrayer, a nonprofit free prayer service where users send in prayer requests and thousands of trained volunteers pray for each and every prayer individually. Lately, I’ve noticed that so many of the prayers are about money problems.

This morning I read, "I need a job. I'm asking God's will be done and send me to the right job. Could you also please pray for my son, who needs a job? He is married and has a son. They are about to be evicted. We are broke, or else we would help them."

The prayers I read on OurPrayer’s Pray for Others page stay with me. They come to my mind when I'm doing the dishes or putting Henry to sleep. They nudge me days later when I wonder if a complete stranger's job interview went well or if someone was able to get the money they needed to pay the heating bill.

When I pray for others, my own worries seem to disappear and I feel connected to the world and closer to God. I’m reminded that the best gift we can give one another isn't anything circled in a catalog; it’s our love and our prayers.

Are you worried about money or know someone looking for work or having a hard time making ends meet? OurPrayer is having a Day of Prayer devoted to helping all those needing financial blessings. Let OurPrayer’s caring volunteers pray for you.

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