For a while last year, my family was preparing to move. Then a crisis came up, and the move got put on hold. After that a bigger crisis emerged, and the concept of relocating went into cold storage.

But this year as I read the story of Mary and Joseph’s trip to Bethlehem I was keenly aware of the stress Mary must have faced when relocating–even temporarily–while nine months pregnant.  

Mary, the Lord's servant. Photo by Lindner79, Thinkstock.At the same time I understood a bit more about why things happened that way. You see, one of the things I’ve learned in this year of endless upheaval is that contentment has less to do with being in control than with being flexible.

You really don’t get there until you’ve been so far out of your comfort zone so many times that you’re forced to wrench out the hard prayer that Mary uttered when the angel told her the shocking news that she was going to bear God’s son.

In the midst of her fear she asserted, “I am the Lord’s servant” (Luke 1:38).

This is what I’ve learned from that:

Whatever changes in my life, God is a constant. I can survive far more unexpected turns than I ever dreamed of as long as I remain focused on serving Him, day in and day out.

My faith cannot be dependent on my circumstances, for God’s love never is. I am the Lord’s servant.