Room for Heavenly Angels

There’s hardly an angel left on my empty bookshelves. How would I concentrate without my pretty distractions?

by - Posted on Jul 24, 2013

Angels on Earth blogger Colleen Hughes

You should see my office. I had a little break in the schedule yesterday and took the opportunity to pack up for our upcoming move from midtown to downtown Manhattan. I got a lot done, which is a relief, but when I walked in this morning I wondered if I’d done too much too fast.

We’re not leaving our midtown location till the end of August. In the meantime there’s hardly an angel to be found among my empty bookshelves, clean windowsills and tall stack of brown boxes. How would I concentrate without my pretty distractions?

I sat down at my desk to check my email, the first thing I do every morning. Of course the little angel with wind-up wings was now in one of those boxes instead of next to my mouse pad. Great, I thought, feeling sad.

I clicked on an email from a colleague complimenting our last issue of Angels on Earth. “Maybe the best one yet,” she said, and I was encouraged. In the next email, a reader pitched an angel story I can’t wait to run. And then I was interrupted by a phone call—an old high school friend was in town on business, could we have lunch? I hung up and went down the hall for our Wednesday morning meeting, where the Guideposts editors talk about all the stories we’ve come across in the past week. It seemed every one of them had an angel story to offer!

I look forward to unpacking my “pretty distractions” after the move downtown. For now, though, it seems like heavenly angels are taking full advantage of the extra room they have to work in.

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