Let scripture be a compass that directs your life toward the spiritual truths your faith proclaims.
A woman walking on a path that splits...symbolizing making a faith-filled decision.
Bible Resources

Between Devotion and Desire

In this excerpt from The Bible Club Newsletter, you'll discover Scripture and tips to help you make difficult decisions.

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A sailboat and lighthouse illutration from a Someone Cares card
Prayer Stories

Sunshine for the Soul

Sometimes in thought we just sail away on sunny, sweet memories that brighten our day.

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Guideposts: A military mom learns how to pray for her son's safety.
Military Outreach Stories

God’s Intercession for a Military Mom

With a son in Iraq, a worried military mom learns to pray for his safety without fear, without hesitation.

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What to Do with Mustard Seed Faith
God's Grace

What to Do with Mustard Seed Faith

Julia Attaway wonders whether moving mountains is always necessary.

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Scripture to Overcome Fear. Credit: Shutterstock
Emotional and Mental Health

4 Tips to Help You Overcome Fear

Four action steps to help you release your fears and fill your heart with Christ’s love.

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Notable Wives of the Bible
Bible Resources

3 Notable Wives of the Bible

Delve into the amazing stories and lessons of these women of the Bible.

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Mary Magdalene
Women of the BIble

10 Remarkable Women of the Bible

The women of the Bible offer inspiring examples of hope, courage, and faith.

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Tips to Like Difficult People
Bible Resources

7 Tips for Life's Greatest Challenge: Love Your Enemies

Norman Vincent Peale shares Scripture and tips to help you like the difficult people in your life.

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Pray for God's Blessings
How to Pray

A Prayer for God’s Blessings

Two Bible verses to help you live an abundant and glorious life.

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A graduate embarks on a new beginning in life with faith.

Faith and New Beginnings

When we, in faith, receive Him as Lord and Savior, we are a new creation.

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