Let scripture be a compass that directs your life toward the spiritual truths your faith proclaims.
Shawnelle and Gabriel
Emotional and Mental Health

Filled by His Word

Drained by fear and worry, a mother is replenished by early morning Scripture.

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Guideposts: British bombardier George Vinall's battered Bible and three pieces of shrapnel
God's Grace

Saved by the Good Book

A book can’t stop a bullet—but these holy books did.

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Rainbow over Los Angeles.
God's Grace

Look for the Rainbow

A personal sign from God for a worried mom leaving a daughter behind in a big city.

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An open Bible. Photo by Todd Sadowski, Thinkstock.
Power of Prayer

10 Bible Verses to Banish Fear

Fear hits all of us–but here is Scripture to help you get beyond it, to something better.

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Devotional writer, Julia Attaway
Daily Devotions

The Shape of God's Grace

Julia Attaway examines the symbolism of Ash Wednesday

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Church steeple. Photo by steverts, Thinkstock.
Military Outreach Stories

Effective Prayers for Our Soldiers

3 tips for praying for our service men and women when fear threatens to overwhelm us.

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woman reading the Bible: Shutterstock
Devotions for Women

Get More Out of Your Bible Reading

Learn to love even the Bible's tough parts.

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Inherit the Wind movie poster.
Movies and TV

Has the Evolution Debate Evolved?

Science and faith–the two can be more friends than enemies.

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happy woman, jumping for joy - Shutterstock
Bible Resources

The Blueprint for Happiness

Rise to the challenge! Live your best life!

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Pastor and author Max Lucado
How to Pray

Prayer, Simplified

Prayer shouldn’t be that hard, but sometimes we make it so, says pastor Max Lucado.

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