Let scripture be a compass that directs your life toward the spiritual truths your faith proclaims.
A graduate embarks on a new beginning in life with faith.

Faith and New Beginnings

When we, in faith, receive Him as Lord and Savior, we are a new creation.

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Bible verses for soldiers
Military Outreach Stories

8 Bible Verses for Soldiers

We honor the men and women in the military. We hope these verses may strengthen your resolve to protect and serve our country.

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Hands clasped in prayer (Thinkstock)
How to Pray

Pray The Lord’s Prayer for Someone

It is a potent way to intercede for someone else, even if you don’t know much about them.

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woman climbing a mountain at dawn

5 Scriptures for Your Workout

These scriptures help keep author and personal trainer Kristen Feola Spiritually Strong. 

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Daisies blooming. Thinkstock
Bible Resources

Bloom to Your Best

Tips and sound advice gleaned from God's Word to help your life flourish.

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Vigil held In Queens, New York for victims Of earthquake In Nepal
Power of Prayer

6 Ways to Pray When There Are No Words

When devastation and suffering are unimaginable–as in the aftermath of Nepal's earthquake–here's how to pray.

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Discover the benefits of keeping a prayer juornal
Bible Resources

Write Your Worries Away

Try this simple technique to rid yourself of worry.

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How to Grow a Biblical Garden: Black Mustard
Bible Resources

How to Grow a Biblical Garden

Grow these hardy varieties of plants mentioned in God’s Word.

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Waimea Canyon

15 Bible Verses for Earth Day

Enjoy these Scriptures celebrating God's creation.

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Lilies in a field. Photo: Thinkstock.
God's Grace

Lilies of the Field

Has a piece of Scripture ever popped into your mind at just the right time?

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