Sharing a Personal Growth Discovery

Check out this website for ideas on handling everyday situations and challenges in positive ways.

- Posted on May 3, 2011

A week or so ago, I found All About Living with Life, a blog that covers exactly what its title heralds.

It carries some very good tips and advice about personal finance, work situations, personal growth, parenting—basically the stuff of life. I wouldn’t say that the material is terribly original, but what I’ve found valuable is being reminded about ways to handle everyday situations and challenges in positive ways.

For example: The April 22 posted started and ended with Norman Vincent Peale quotes! It offered seven simple tips for effective problem-solving. Now who doesn’t find themselves in situations where they’re trying to noodle out what to do about a sticky work or personal situation?

More recently (like yesterday), it listed 10 ways to stay positive at work. With the economy not quite humming along, many people find themselves clinging to jobs that they might have left long ago if not for the uncertainty of the job market. This post points out that attitude more than anything else is responsible for success at work and then goes on to offer suggestions to help create that attitude. Most require some effort but the rewards are definitely there to be had.

So check it out. Sign up for the newsletter. I’m sure you’ll find little nuggets that can help you be a more creative, successful and positive person.

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