A sister is a precious gift, a lifelong friend, a keeper of family memories, and a companion through the years of your family's growth.
Pearl Huber
Finding Life Purpose

Giving for All Seasons

One Christmas her children wanted to help the homeless. Years later they’re still helping.

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Melissa is a best-selling cookbook author. Her new book is Supermarket Healthy.
Emotional and Mental Health

Beyond the Tears

Melissa d’Arabian’s primary goal is to prevent the tragedy that struck her own family.

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Mysterious Ways: Portrait of Love
God's Grace

Portrait of Love

Would I always be alone on New Year’s Eve?

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A chocolate Santa dollar bill for a waitress. Photo by Diana Aydin.
God's Grace

A Wonder-Filled Season

How spreading cheer made my spirits extra, extra bright. 

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Christmas giving. Photo by Olga Miltsova, Thinkstock.

Operation Blessing Bonnie

A family's generosity turns out to be not just a good idea, but a God idea.

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If you see something, pray something. Photo by Kjekol, Thinkstock.
Devotions for Faith/Prayer

If You See Something, Pray Something

If something–or someone–is worth commenting on, isn't it worthy of prayer?


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Family on Christmas Eve. Photo courtesy Michelle Medlock Adams.

Christmas Eve Traditions

It's not the games or sweets or even the gifts, it's all about family being together.

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A baby's first steps. Photo by Marina Ch, Thinkstock.
God's Grace

Miraculous First Steps

This Christmas miracle took place right in the middle of the family room in 1984.

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Should a pet be under the tree this Christmas? Photo courtesy Peggy Frezon.

Should You Give a Pet for Christmas?

With pets as presents, planning makes all the difference.

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Sally with baby daughter Zoe. Photo courtesy Sally Hall.
Positive Living

Beating the Christmas Blues

How a hospital room began to look—and feel—a lot like Christmas

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