A sister is a precious gift, a lifelong friend, a keeper of family memories, and a companion through the years of your family's growth.
Life after Death blogger Trudy Harris
Coping With Grief

A Little Girl's Loving Act

Her father shared this exquisite glimpse of heaven with all the other fathers in the room...

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Angels on Earth blogger Colleen Hughes

Prayers for My Sister at the Boston Marathon

My sister was running the Boston Marathon. “U ok?” I texted. And waited. And prayed.

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Talk of the Town Cover, a bird on a nest in spring

Grace Chapel Inn's Sisterly Inspiration

There is something special about the relationship between sisters—you understand each other in a way no one else can.

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Artist's rendering of cell phone tower

Mysterious Ways: Divine Dialing

A brother and sister are reunited via telephone—but who called whom?

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A semi-trailer truck
God's Grace

A Prayer for Lisa

Discover the incredible power of prayer in this excerpt from Guideposts' new book Mysterious Ways.

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Martha Whiteley and her cousin, Ellen

Blessed Be the Family Ties

A mother with an empty nest finds she's not alone when a third cousin enters her life.

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The Smiling Angel of Rheims
Managing Life Changes

The Smiling Angel

A statue's happy countenance reminds a grieving woman that joy abides.

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Hunter Parrish as Jesus in Godspell on Broadway
How to Pray

Jesus on Broadway

Singing is a great prayer amplifier, or as the sign in our choir room at church used to say: “He Who Sings Prays Twice.”

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Mary Lou Reed (right) and her sister, Lauren
Stories of Hope

The Family That Prays Together...

A shared prayer inspires a sister to open her heart, as well as her home, to a sibling in need.

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Mysterious Ways Reunited Twins

Separated at Birth, Reunited by Mysterious Ways

In a world that sometimes tears families apart, inexplicable coincidences often put them back together.

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