Snow Day Serendipity

Forty-nine of fifty states had snow on the ground yesterday—thankfully, more than just road salt will help keep us safe.

by - Posted on Jan 13, 2011

The National Weather Service announced yesterday that snow was on the ground in 49 of the 50 states, the lone exception being Florida (snowfall was reported on top of Hawaii’s Mauna Kea volcano).

Here at Guideposts, we didn’t get a snow day. But the offices were quieter than usual, with the out-of-towners choosing to stay home rather than brave the icy roads. Certainly a lot of people across the country chose to do that yesterday. Better safe than sorry.

I was sent a link to a story that appeared in Scotland’s Daily Record last year around this time, reminding us of the perils that winter can bring, and the things that can so unexpectedly happen to save us: Turn of Fate at Traffic Lights Allowed Me to Save a Woman’s Life

Steven Anson was out for a walk with his wife two winters ago, returning from a hospital visit, according to the Daily Record. "We couldn't decide whether we should go right for a walk at Rouken Glen Park or go left to the footpath by the Balgray Reservoir in Darnley," Steven told the paper.

"We decided to allow the traffic lights to make our decision for us."

Just as they got to the intersection, the left turn signal turned green, so they followed its instruction and headed to the reservoir.

Once there, Steven heard screams…and saw a woman thrashing in icy water, desperate for rescue.

The woman had gone out on to the ice to retrieve the dogs she'd been walking…but had fallen through.

"She was up to her neck in freezing water and the only way I could reach her safely was to lie down on the ice on my stomach then crawl towards her," Steven said. "I unraveled my belt and she managed to grab it."

For his efforts, Steven received a Royal Humane Society award.

"But for the lights," Steven said, "We may never have gone there." Was it just fortunate timing? Or was something deeper at work?

Be careful on the ice this winter, everyone! And stay warm.

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