A soldier is a defender of our freedoms, and he or she is deserving of all our respect, admiration, and gratitude for being willing to sacrifice so much for us every day.
Photograph of gravestones and poppies

A Memorial Day Meditation

Watch our visual rendition of the beloved and poignant war poem "In Flanders Field."

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An artist's rendering of a soldier angel

The Angel in the Army Uniform

Long ago, a handsome soldier showered her with kindness. Now it was her turn to pay it forward.

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Guideposts: Janet Paige Smith and her son David
Military Outreach Stories

Soldiers Coming Home: A Military Mother's Answered Prayer

It was her idea to have her son live at home after his return from Iraq. Was it a bad move?

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Savannah Madison Ogden
Military Outreach Stories

Savannah's Soldiers

A Florida girl launches a campaign to encourage kids to write to active-duty soldiers.

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Lilian (center) with (L-R) Louise, Al, Ephraim, Corinne and the Christmas tree
Military Families

Mysteriously, Miraculously Evergreen

A mother awaiting her son's return from Saudi Arabia is heartened by a Christmas miracle.

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J.R. Martinez: Messenger of Healing and Hope
Military Outreach Stories

J.R. Martinez: Messenger of Healing and Hope

Meet J.R. Martinez, Dancing with the Stars winner and author of the new book, Full of Heart.

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Prayer blogger Rick Hamlin
Stories of Faith

A Prayer Warrior | Guideposts

I don’t know how he knew that the woman needed prayer right on the spot, but I liked the way he dropped everything to do it.

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Robin Kelleher
Managing Life Changes

Hope for the Warriors

Meet a woman who made it her mission in life to come to the aid of wounded veterans.

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Sherrill Dickey Porterfield and her husband, Jimmie
Coping With Illness

The Cowboy Church

A woman in love with a troubled Iraq veteran learns to let go and let God.

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Hi-Dong Chai
Emotional and Mental Health

My Truest Hope

A successful engineer relies on faith and forgiveness to conquer depression.

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