Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth comes in many forms, and at many speeds. Don't rush your spiritual growth, but invest in it every day.

Instead of complaining

Instead of Complaining...

We can decide if we want to make a situation in life better or worse.

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Lisa Miller
Living Longer, Living Better

Ask An Expert About the Science of Faith

Bestselling author Dr. Lisa Miller will be here to discuss the health benefits of leading a spiritual life.

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Choose a positive attitude.
Positive Thinking

How to Choose a Positive Attitude

We all have the choice to become a better person, or a bitter person.

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Dreaming big with God's help
Motivational Stories

Don't Give Up on Your Big Dreams

Hard work and blessings on a writer’s journey.

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How not avoiding suffering can lead to spiritual growth.
Power of Prayer

What Makes for Spiritual Growth?

When you stick through the darkest hours in life, you will eventually see the dawn.

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God's message during a concert
Power of Prayer

God’s Message During a Concert

An audience distraction fails to get in the way of prayer and understanding.

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Ponderosa Pine
Daily Devotions

When You've Had a Setback

Scripture and prayer to help you turn to God and thrive through life's challenges.

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4 Tips to Help You Let Go of Resentment
Bible Resources

4 Tips to Help You Let Go of Resentment

Tips and Scripture to help you remove bitterness from your heart and spirit.

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Getting your heart ready for God
Positive Living

Getting Your Heart Ready for God

Just like preparing your home for guests, your spiritual house should be ready for Divine company.

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Pray your anger and outrage.
Power of Prayer

How to Pray When You’re Outraged

There is a healthy way to deal with things that disturb, frighten and even outrage you.

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