Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth comes in many forms, and at many speeds. Don't rush your spiritual growth, but invest in it every day.
Prayers for safe travel
How to Pray

7 Prayers for Safe Travels

If a trip is in your plans over the holidays, here’s how to ask for God’s protection.

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Sunshine streams through beech trees in bluebell woods of Oxfordshire.
God's Grace

The Big Question: Is Doubt Necessary for Spiritual Growth?

For hundreds of years, writers, theologians and philosophers have mulled over this question— and many believe that moments of doubt lead us to a greater understanding of our faith. Here are a few thoughts on how questioning can foster a deeper connection with God…

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The Master Carpenter

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Conquer Your Giants

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Rooted in Jesus

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Share Your Problems

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Inspiring Stories

Reflecting on the 80th Anniversary of Kristallnacht

Broken things take a long time to repair—but together, we can keep working toward wholeness and a better future.

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Waiting for a prayer to be answered
Power of Prayer

How to Pray Until God Answers

A persistent spirit and attitude keeps our faith strong while we wait for our prayers to be answered.

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Teaching your kids about faith

How to Teach Your Kids About Faith

Some tips on what to say and what to avoid when talking to your kids about faith. 



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