Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth comes in many forms, and at many speeds. Don't rush your spiritual growth, but invest in it every day.
Good Friday cross

Why Good Friday Is So Important

Sometimes we have to face our own sorrow and suffering for greater truth to be revealed.

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A woman's hands holding a a lit red candle.
How to Pray

6 Ways to Pray When You Feel Spiritually Stuck

Try these creative tips to refresh your prayer life and grow closer to God 

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The joy of being alone
Emotional and Mental Health

What Is the 'Joy of Missing Out?'

Being there for yourself sometimes means bowing out of time spent with others.

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Gardening is like life
Positive Living

Positive Reading List: ‘The Invisible Garden’ by Dorothy Sucher

This gorgeous book explores how gardening is a metaphor for a life that takes hard work but yields great rewards.

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10 Inspiring Quotes from Rumi
God's Grace

10 Inspiring Quotes from Rumi

Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī (1207 – 1273), popularly known as Rūmī, was a Sufi mystic born in what is now Afghanistan. He is one of the best-selling poets in the United States, writing more than 40,000 versesbout everything from love to death to the interior life. Rūmī believed that one’s relationship with the divine must be active. Instead of simply reciting poetry, he sang it while whirling in circles. This sacred tradition of meditative twirling inspired by Rūmī is still practiced by the Mevlevi Order—a Sufi group sometimes referred to as the Whirling Dervishes. Today, Rūmī’s quotes show up everywhere from pop songs to Pinterest, inspiring people of all faiths to join in the dance with the divine. Here are some of our favorites:

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Celebrating women of the Bible
Power of Prayer

Celebrating the Women of the Bible

Women in Scripture who inspire us through acts of courage, love and faith.

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