The whole world is fresh in the spring. Breathe in the new, fragrant air and give thanks for the springtime renewal of our beautiful world.
4 Tips to Keep Your Home Toxin-Free
Health and Wellness

4 Tips to Keep Your Home Dust-Free

Packing clutter tightly, using microfiber towels—here's how to boost your spring cleaning routine.

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Miracle plant?
Positive Living

A Garden Miracle?

How a little light and warmth encouraged growth in a dark, cold garden shed.

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A man sorting and organizing his mail.
Resource Center

3 Spring Cleaning Tips to Make Home Safer for Your Older Loved One

Clearing out old medications and old papers can make a real difference.

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Daily Devotions

A Spring Prayer

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3 Short-Seasoned Spring Vegetables to Treasure

These seasonal gifts will remind you to stop and savor the brief but vibrant pleasures of spring.

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Breath of fresh air
Health and Wellness

4 Easy Ways to Embrace the Healing Power of Nature

The positive power of nature is inspiring doctors to prescribe going outside to improve your health.

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Sparrow in the spring
Prayer Stories

Birds of the Bible

These harbingers of spring also play an important role in Scripture.

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Prayers for spring
How to Pray

4 New Prayers for Spring

How to welcome the season of renewed hope and lifted spirits.

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