The whole world is fresh in the spring. Breathe in the new, fragrant air and give thanks for the springtime renewal of our beautiful world.
Spring blooms in the city. Photo by Elizabeth Lorris Ritter.
Inspirational Prayers

A Blessing for Everything

Anything that brings us joy deserves a prayer. 

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An artist's rendering of a May basket hanging from the knob of an open door
Finding Life Purpose

Pass It On: Spring Surprise

A May Day basket gave her one more reason to celebrate spring.

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Celebrate God's creation on Earth Day! Photo: pixabay.
God's Grace

God’s Green Earth

Why not write a poem, journal entry or meditation about what Earth Day means to you?

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Ruby-throated hummingbird. Photo by Judy Royal Glenn.
God's Grace

What Are You Anticipating?

We all hope for something. The Lord is the source of hope–may we depend on Him.

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Daffodils. Photo: Thinkstock.
Positive Living

The Gift of Spring

Look around and soak in the sights and sounds of spring. His creation is beautiful beyond words.

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Easter eggs in the grass. Thinkstock.
Positive Living

Time to Rejoice

Easter enthusiasm is breaking out all over the world. Here are some wow-worthy wonders. Continue Reading
Crocuses blooming. Thinkstock.
God's Grace

The Joy to Come

We’re children of the Lord. We have hope because in Him, our struggles will not last forever.

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Prom couple. Photo from 123RF(r).

Prom Night Too Expensive?

Here's how to give your teen daughter a magical prom night without going into debt.

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After the Easter egg hunt, Mary Lou delights in leading the grandkids in a song and a story.
Managing Life Changes

The Secret of Sunflowers

My sister and I used to do all the baking for Easter together. But at our age, how many more did we have left?

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Black-capped chickadee. Photo by Judy Royal Glenn.
God's Grace

The Big Thaw

As winter turns to spring, our human nature also warms and is renewed when we accept Jesus.

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