The whole world is fresh in the spring. Breathe in the new, fragrant air and give thanks for the springtime renewal of our beautiful world.
A robin on a branch.
Positive Living

Easter Always Comes

It was a long, cold winter. And hard to imagine Easter. Then Mom’s call came...

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Norman Vincent Peale
God's Grace

Easter, Day of Glorious Hope

Norman Vincent Peale reminds us that Easter experiences happen every day.

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Shawnelle's son getting scrubbed clean!

March Mud and Spiritual Cleanliness

He sees my grit. He sees my grime. And He washes me with mercy ‘til the water runs clean with grace.

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Sulamannen, the snow man who watches over the Norwegian port city of Ålesund.
God's Grace

What Did You Find Beneath the Snow?

As spring approaches, the hidden (and thought to be lost) is revealed.

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Drooping daffodil in the snow. Photo by Judy Royal Glenn.
Emotional and Mental Health

Drooping Daffodils

When the storms of life settle on your shoulders, do you turn to God?

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daffodils blooming in the spring
Seasonal Devotions

Daily Devotion: Welcome Spring!

Be mindful of the wonderful changes blooming around you.

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Spring flower.
God's Grace

The Raw Beauty of Creation

Thoughts of spring turn to letting the Lord guide our eyes to something beautiful today.

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An artist's rendering of young Douglas Scott Clark and his Mamaw

A Poultice and a Prayer

Yarrow, sassafras—Mamaw knew the secret of the healing powers of ordinary plants

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A poster from the 1955 motion picture, Carousel

Heaven's Music: You'll Never Walk Alone

A grieving widow is comforted by a Broadway song performed in an unlikely setting.

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Spring tulips. Photo by iSailorr, Thinkstock.
God's Grace

Think Spring

I can no longer be charmed by snow days and the promise of hot cocoa.

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