The whole world is fresh in the spring. Breathe in the new, fragrant air and give thanks for the springtime renewal of our beautiful world.
Sparrow in the spring
Deepen Your Faith

Birds of the Bible

These harbingers of spring also play an important role in Scripture.

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Prayers for spring
Seasonal Prayers

4 New Prayers for Spring

How to welcome the season of renewed hope and lifted spirits.

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How to treat SAD
Health and Wellness

The Science of ‘Happy Lights’ for Seasonal Sadness

Special lights can improve mood in people who experience the “winter blues” or a more serious seasonal emotional dip.

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Cleaning windows
Stories of Faith

The Importance of Cleaning—Inside and Out

When it comes to our faith, seeing clearly involves some spiritual elbow grease.

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Gardening in spring
Better Living

The Positive Side of Vulnerability

The spring garden teaches us that great things start out small—and need our nurturing and protection.

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3 Recipes: Peas and Mint

These green springtime beauties are perfect partners on the plate.

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Why Spring Is the Most Positive Season
Positive Living

Why Spring Is the Most Positive Season

We can all embrace the exuberance of the world waking up to hope.

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Orthodox Easter
Stories of Faith

What Is Orthodox Easter?

For Orthodox Christians all over the world, it's almost time to celebrate "the other Easter."

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Reading devotions outside
Stories of Faith

Spring Devotions on the Deck

As warm, sunny days begin, a favorite place to worship God and be surrounded by His creation.

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