Stories of Faith

Mara Measor used her prayer doodles to fight depression.

Naked Prayers: Honest Confessions to a Loving Creator

Simple but powerful prayer doodles help a creative young woman combat depression.

Diana Aydin
What makes you come alive?

What Makes You Come Alive?

One day, 40 years ago, a nervous kid began to preach the Gospel. And a calling was discovered.

7 prayers God always answers.

7 Prayers God Always Answers

Here are some prayers that God can't resist.

God's power and glory in my life

God's Power and Glory in My Life

During a late summer storm, a family pauses to reflect and soak up God's glory.

A soldier's legacy of courage.

A Soldier's Legacy of Courage

In a military family, courage extends to spouses, children, parents, siblings and partners.

Ever forget to pray for someone?

Ever Forget to Pray for Someone?

3 tips to help you remember to pray for others.

How I found the perfect husband

How I Found the Perfect Husband

For two young kids from "messed up" homes, a couple of decisions defined their marriage. Now it's their 41st anniversary!

Mangosteen and rambutan, two of ten Shehecheyanu fruits for Rosh Hashanah

Ten Shehecheyanu Fruits for Rosh Hashanah

Try one of these new, strange fruits which symbolize the unknown blessings that await us in the year ahead.

Dragon fruit, one of the traditional Shehecheyanu Fruit of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

The Surprising Fruits of Rosh Hashanah

Everyone can celebrate the Jewish New Year by participating in the tradition of eating some wonderful and surprising Shehecheyanu Fruits.

Adam Hunter
A military family's perspective on 9/11.

A Military Family's Perspective on 9/11

An 8th grader makes a solemn vow to serve his country on that day.