Stories of Faith

Have you ever heard God's voice?

They Heard A Mysterious Voice… Have You?

Our “Have You Heard the Voice?” survey generates a huge response from readers and staff.

In death, the sweet with the bitter

The Sweet with the Bitter

In the face of a family death, a mom passes along a gift to the next generation.

Reformation Day and Martin Luther

What Is Reformation Day?

How Martin Luther changed the way we worship, pray and look at Scripture

7 prayers for when you're scared

7 Ways to Pray When You’re Scared

Words of comfort from the Bible when you’re anxious, uncertain or afraid.

Trust the hand of God.

A Trusted Hand

When you’re afraid to take another step, remember that you’re hand-in-hand with God.

Singing as an anecdote to a stressful day

An Inspiration Prescription for a Stressful Day

Take a breath, hit the pause button. Then watch this stunning video of Psalm 53 being sung in Aramaic before Pope Francis.

How to support our spiritual leaders during Clergy Appreciation Month

Supporting Our Spiritual Leaders

Time to remember our pastors and spiritual leaders in prayer and express our gratitude for their ministry.

A granddaughter inspires a grandfather in prayer.

Pray Imperfectly

Not always intelligible or audible, a little granddaughter’s prayers make perfect sense to God.

During Clergy Appreciation Month, don't forget military chaplains.

3 Ways to Support Military Chaplains

During Clergy Appreciation Month, don’t forget those pastors who serve.

Actor and documentary film maker Aaron Wolf takes us on a tour of the Wilshire Blvd Temple

Restoring Tomorrow: A Tour of the Historic Wilshire Boulevard Temple

Join us as actor and documentary film maker Aaron Wolf takes us on a tour of the newly restored Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles, where his grandfather, Alfred Wolf, once served as a rabbi.