Stories of Faith

No moment of wonder is too small to share.

Do You Have a Mysterious Moment?

Inspiration can come in teeny-tiny packages. Share your story of wonder, no matter how small, with us!

Guideposts: The Gashes visit a crocodile farm during their sabbatical in Uganda.

Our Spiritual Adventure: Sharing God's Love in Uganda

When an attorney and his family spend six months on a mission trip to Africa,  they are delighted to realize they have received just as much as they have given.

How combat boots connect to faith.

Lace Up Your Spiritual Combat Boots

A military mom finds a connection between her son’s uniform and God’s protection.

Remember that you can count on God. And don't forget to thank Him!

A God You Can Count On

Remember all the times when He’s come through for you. Here’s my list.

How to get your prayer life back on track.

Worried About Your Prayer Life? Pray for It.

If you’re not praying with the frequency and depth you crave, here’s some help.

The real meaning of Passover.

The Real Meaning of Passover

The Passover story didn’t end with the Exodus. The Haggadah is the story of us.

How our faith makes us better people.

Embracing Faith

How we become better people–even in sickness–through our faith

Detail of birds from the painting, The Garden of Earthly Delights, by Hieronymus Bosch, Museo del Prado.

Heaven, Hell and 'The Garden of Earthly Delights'

​Explore the hidden wonders of Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch’s masterpiece.

How our faith shields us during life's storms.

A Shield of Faith That Keeps Us Safe

How God offers protection during the storms of life.

How to be more like God today.

How to Imitate God Today

Start with sweetness, compassion and generosity. The world needs that so much.