Stories of Faith

When tired and stressed, remember the "living water" of faith.

Drink Up!

When tired and exhausted, remember that every cell in your being craves the "living water" of faith.

Detail from "The Ascension of Christ" by Hans Süss von Kulmbach, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

The Promise of Ascension Day

No matter how discouraged we get, how hopeless it might seem, Jesus will be back.

Turning points during a prayer journey

4 Turning Points in My Prayer Life

The events and people that transformed a bumpy prayer journey

How to pray for our military and their families on the National Day of Prayer

Remember Our Military on the National Day of Prayer

Some ideas and starting points on how to pray for our military forces and their families

John and Elizabeth Sherrill

The Posture of Prayer

Longtime Guideposts contributors keep looking for–and finding–God moments in life.

Today show coanchor Savannah Guthrie

Savannah Guthrie on Holding Fast to Faith

The more challenges Today show coanchor Savannah Guthrie faced—as a lawyer, news anchor and new mom—the more she turned to Scripture for inspiration and hope.

Spring is the time to rejoice in God's creation.

God’s Gift of Flowers

In May, we see the fingerprints of His amazing creation everywhere.

No moment of wonder is too small to share.

Do You Have a Mysterious Moment?

Inspiration can come in teeny-tiny packages. Share your story of wonder, no matter how small, with us!

Guideposts: The Gashes visit a crocodile farm during their sabbatical in Uganda.

Our Spiritual Adventure: Sharing God's Love in Uganda

When an attorney and his family spend six months on a mission trip to Africa,  they are delighted to realize they have received just as much as they have given.

How combat boots connect to faith.

Lace Up Your Spiritual Combat Boots

A military mom finds a connection between her son’s uniform and God’s protection.