Stories of Faith

Ben and Karyn with their daughters, Katriel, Haven, Amy Joan and Elleora

Former NFL Star Ben Utecht on Dealing with Memory Loss

Football and family were the focus of Ben Utecht's life, but now the injuries he suffered while playing the game he loved threaten to take him away from the people he cares for most.

Call God when you're in trouble.

Pray When You're In Trouble

God cares about our messes, so send Him a prayer about yours.

A better question to pray to God than "why?"

A Better Prayer Than ‘Why?’

Asking God “why” rarely results in an answer. Here’s the question to ask instead…

Face your fears with faith.

Face Your Fears with Faith

Don’t miss out on life’s opportunities because you’re scared.

Actress Megan Good

Meagan Good: Lessons Her Mother Taught Her

The popular star of movies such as Think Like a Man and Jumping the Broom and TV’s Minority Report found a hero right there at home.

How to have faith in the face of tragedy

Facing Tragedy with Grace and Faith

Two inspiring examples of people confronted with unexpected, life-altering events.

How to comfort friends in need.

5 Ways to Help Friends in Need

Even when you can’t fix someone else’s problem, you can help them cope.

Text a prayer.

Text a Prayer

Let us give thanks for the times when cell phones can connect us to what’s good and godly.

The power of a prayer that just says "yes" or "no."

Pray ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ Prayers

A single syllable can offer a powerful way to pray.

How military families can cope with stress, anxiety and worry.

When Life’s Storms Keep Coming

How military families can face stress, anxiety and worry with a little more understanding and peace.