Stories of Faith

God's love can be found in the messiest places in your life.

God's Love in Messy Places

Even in the mess and disorder of our lives, God's love flows freely.

When God nudges you to pray, it's for a reason.

Has God Ever Mysteriously Nudged You to Pray?

When He sends those little nudges, it’s vital that we pray for whomever He places on our hearts.

12 powerful blessings from the Bible

How to Powerfully Bless Someone

12 biblical benedictions you can pray for others on all occasions

Pope Francis visits the US in September.

Welcoming Pope Francis to America with Respect

Not everyone is going to agree with every pope or everything a particular pope says. But can’t we all agree to treat each other with civility?

When you need to bless others.

When You Need to Bless Others

The Bible offers many examples of brief blessings you can use on others. Bob Hostetler shares some of his favorites.

Bob Hostetler
In times of disappointment and distraction, how to stay focused on God.

How to Stay Faithful and Focused on God

When prayers go unanswered, do you question where God is leading you?

Tips to Turn Negative Thinking into Prayer

Turn Negative Thoughts into Prayers

A devotion to help you fill your mind with God's perfect peace.

Taking a pause throughout your day can help you feel more aware of God.

The Psalms Teach Us to Pause and Pray

How a moment or two during the day can help you feel God's presence

How military families can cope with deployment.

Tips for Military Families on Dealing with Deployment

When you change your deployment mindset you can do more than just endure–you can thrive.

Seun Adebiyi in the NYTimes

Cancer Survivor Seun Adebiyi Is “Living Breath to Breath”

Though the courageous American Cancer Society ambassador is in remission, he still lives by the mantra that got him through cancer: This too shall pass.