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Praying to End World Hunger

Here's how you can help make a difference in ending world hunger.

Is it possible to have too many prayers?

Can You Have Too Many Prayers?

Emerging from a long illness and overwhelmed by an outpouring of love and prayers

Mara Measor, author of Naked Prayers, who fought her depression with prayer doodles.

Mara Measor: The Power of Prayer Doodles

A young woman emerges from depression with a book of prayers and drawings.

When God gives us what we need, when we need it. Like ideas for a book and blog!

When God Gives Us What We Need

Learning that when the task is large, God sends us what we need, when we need it.

A son's love of learning inspires a mom's passion for God.

A Passion for God

A son's love of learning inspires a mom.

Mara Measor used her prayer doodles to fight depression.

Naked Prayers: Honest Confessions to a Loving Creator

Simple but powerful prayer doodles help a creative young woman combat depression.

Diana Aydin
What makes you come alive?

What Makes You Come Alive?

One day, 40 years ago, a nervous kid began to preach the Gospel. And a calling was discovered.

7 prayers God always answers.

7 Prayers God Always Answers

Here are some prayers that God can't resist.

God's power and glory in my life

God's Power and Glory in My Life

During a late summer storm, a family pauses to reflect and soak up God's glory.

A soldier's legacy of courage.

A Soldier's Legacy of Courage

In a military family, courage extends to spouses, children, parents, siblings and partners.