Stories of Faith

Stories of faith reveal the rewards God sends to those who believe--and who live their lives by the spiritual values they cherish.
The freedom of Passover.
Stories of Faith

Freedom and Hope: A Passover Message for Everyone

A journey to freedom is a metaphor that can inspire followers of all faiths. 

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Holy book opened in the middle as light pours in from the sky
Stories of Faith

Guideposts Classics: Siren Songs of Today

In this story from March 1964, inspirational speaker Billy Graham tells us the siren songs about faith in order to be hopeful.

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Actor Sam Worthington, star of The Shack
Movies and TV

Sam Worthington on the Making of 'The Shack'

Did you read 'The Shack'? Are you planning to see the movie? The lead actor shares some of the real miracles that occurred during the filming.

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Admiring those who have served God over their lives, no matter what.
Motivational Stories

Still Faithfully Serving God

Inspired by those who have served God for decades, even during hardship and health issues.

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Pray with St. Patrick
Power of Prayer

Pray with St. Patrick

His prayer is a sure guide to a rich full life, to security and serenity.

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We are jewels in God's sight. An excerpt from God Glimpses from the Jewelry Box.
Positive Living

Remember: We Are God's Precious Jewels

In God’s sight, we are always worthy and of great value.

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Align Your Heart to God's Will
Devotions for Women

Align Your Heart with God's Will

When you're having a difficult time accepting God's plans for your life.

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5 ways to pray like a monk
Pray Effectively

5 Ways That Monks Helped My Prayers

If you want to boost your prayer life, try learning from people who pray all day.

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The blessings of taxes
Life Advice

The Blessing of Doing Your Taxes

That dreaded time of year is actually a reminder of gifts and abundance.

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Longing for a military son far away on deployment
Military Families

Longing for a Son Far Away

As a military mom yearns for her son to be home and safe, God reassures her.

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