Stories of Faith

Stories of faith reveal the rewards God sends to those who believe--and who live their lives by the spiritual values they cherish.
Align Your Heart to God's Will
Devotions for Women

Align Your Heart with God's Will

When you're having a difficult time accepting God's plans for your life.

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5 ways to pray like a monk
Pray Effectively

5 Ways That Monks Helped My Prayers

If you want to boost your prayer life, try learning from people who pray all day.

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The blessings of taxes
Life Advice

The Blessing of Doing Your Taxes

That dreaded time of year is actually a reminder of gifts and abundance.

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Longing for a military son far away on deployment
Military Families

Longing for a Son Far Away

As a military mom yearns for her son to be home and safe, God reassures her.

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Glimpses of God's grace.
Stories of Hope

Glimmers of God’s Grace

Take a look around you. Moments of divine hope and inspiration light up life each day.

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Country music superstar Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire: The Hymns That Live in Me

The country music superstar shares songs of hope and faith that have been a part of her life ever since her girlhood days in a one-room church in Chockie, Oklahoma.

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Learning about a positive attitude from a military son.
Military Families

The Best Attitude for Tough Times

A military mom is inspired by her son when it comes to weathering harsh circumstances.

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All about Shrove Tuesday
Prayer Stories

What Is Shrove Tuesday?

Why the day before Lent is all about celebrating–and enjoying a few pancakes!

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God's promise of hope
Answered Prayers

When God Speaks to Us in Our Dreams

A rainbow and a promise appear to one young woman while sleeping–and awake.

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God's love makes a difference.
Stories of Faith

God’s Love Makes a Difference

How His unconditional love allows us to connect with others

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