Stories of Faith

Stories of faith reveal the rewards God sends to those who believe--and who live their lives by the spiritual values they cherish.
Honoring our military on Veterans Day.
Military Outreach Stories

On Veterans Day, Remember the Beauty of Commitment

Few know exactly what they’ve signed up for when they join the military, making those who serve all the more precious.

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A father's prayer on his daughter's wedding.

A Prayer for My Daughter on Her Wedding Day

A father anticipates the joy and blessings of officiating at his daughter’s wedding.

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Learning to lament in prayer can be a blessing.
Power of Prayer

Learn to Lament

If your prayers are only happy and upbeat, you are missing a great blessing.

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Actor Art Carney

Guideposts Classics: Art Carney on God's Healing Power

In this story from July 1997, the popular actor Art Carney shares the story about how God saw him through heart surgery—and made him a changed man.

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How God watches out for us in times of stress.
Positive Living

Learning to Wait

When you stress about what’s going to happen next, remember that God always shows up.

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Have you ever heard God's voice?
God's Grace

They Heard A Mysterious Voice… Have You?

Our “Have You Heard the Voice?” survey generates a huge response from readers and staff.

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In death, the sweet with the bitter
Managing Life Changes

The Sweet with the Bitter

In the face of a family death, a mom passes along a gift to the next generation.

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Reformation Day and Martin Luther
Pray Effectively

What Is Reformation Day?

How Martin Luther changed the way we worship, pray and look at Scripture

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7 prayers for when you're scared
Pray Effectively

7 Ways to Pray When You’re Scared

Words of comfort from the Bible when you’re anxious, uncertain or afraid.

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Trust the hand of God.
Emotional and Mental Health

Faith to Overcome Fear

When you’re afraid to take another step, remember that you’re hand-in-hand with God.

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