Stories of Faith

Stories of faith reveal the rewards God sends to those who believe--and who live their lives by the spiritual values they cherish.
How to celebrate Christmas free of fear
Emotional and Mental Health

A Joyful Christmas, Free of Fear and Stress

Let the words of the angels shared on that First Noel ease your mind, “Don’t be afraid.”

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A grandmother's sweetest gift

A Grandmother's Sweetest Gift

When it comes to a legacy, a grandmother knows her faith will be her grandchildren's greatest treasure.

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Al McDowell holds the small, white Bible he received in the military

Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary: The Gift that Gave Him Hope

A young naval radioman survived the attack on Pearl Harbor and found purpose in life, thanks to a palm-sized Bible from the Commander-in-Chief.

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What to say to an angry teenager.

Dealing with a Teenage Meltdown

A mom's wise counsel for a son who lashes out in anger

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Psalm 91 for comforting military families and troops
Power of Prayer

The Warrior's Psalm

Psalm 91 is a comfort for military families–and the rest of us–when loved ones are in danger.

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When a homeless guy prayed for me on the subway
Power of Prayer

When the Homeless Guy Prayed for Me

An unusual meeting on the subway results in a prayer for everyone.

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Improve your prayer life by praying with others.
Power of Prayer

Help Your Prayer Life by Praying with Others

Praying in public, as well as in private, can enrich your life with prayer mentors and prayer partners.

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Hearing God's voice in the strangest place.
God's Grace

A Choice: God's Will or Mine?

You can hear God's voice in the strangest places.

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Honoring our military on Veterans Day.
Military Outreach Stories

On Veterans Day, Remember the Beauty of Commitment

Few know exactly what they’ve signed up for when they join the military, making those who serve all the more precious.

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A father's prayer on his daughter's wedding.

A Prayer for My Daughter on Her Wedding Day

A father anticipates the joy and blessings of officiating at his daughter’s wedding.

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